Because Your Music Is You

Without music, life would be a mistake.

We Are Publishers

Gallery Records Inc. is a different kind of publisher. We represent talents, we help them manage their rights, we consolidate their catalogs in USA as well as in the rest of the World. We focus on the musicians and nurture amazing talents, locally and internationally.

We Are Distributors

Gallery Records Inc. has enabled independent artists to reach hundreds of outlets around the world with a comprehensive and unique technology platform that provides distribution and marketing services with efficiency, transparency, and control.

We Are Producers

Music Producer means different things to different people. Gallery Records Inc. is the ‘project manager’ for the recording, mixing and mastering process. We make the record more than the sum of it’s parts, we create musical alchemy.

Gallery Records Inc. seeks out great music, and supports composers and songwriters in the creative process, promotes their catalogues across a variety of platforms, manages the business exploitation of the catalogues (including the registration of works and the collection and onward payment of all due royalties) and generally seeks to enhance the value of their works with passion and professional commitment.

What we can do for you

Pre and Post Production

Digital Distribution


Creative Direction

Music Publishing

Cover-art Design

Gallery Records Services


We accepr every genre, from Dance to Classical music, including Rock, Country, R&B, Trip-Hop and more.


We act quickly, because we understand that momentum is the biggest driver


Our artists are from US, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Israel and more


We work on a project basis, so every artist is free to pursue alternative roads and opportunities.

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